NIST FIPS 140-2 certified Random Number Generator API

CSRNG stands for “Cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator”. It says it all!

CSRNG Lite random number generator API

Easy to use, well documented, fast and convenient, CSRNG Lite provides you a NIST certified random number generator that can provide your applications with the random numbers you need, be it for gambling apps, cryptography, secure codes, research, statistics, academics, and anywhere random numbers are needed.

To try it, click or query the following URL to pick a random number between 0 and 100:

You can change the min and max values in the queried URL to change the scope of the number generator. Have fun!

To get the full documentation of CSRNG Lite, CLICK HERE

CSRNG Pro random number generator API

For more intensive, live websites and custom needs, we offer a customizable API to which you can subscribe. We offer 3 different subscriptions: CSRNG Professional, CSRNG Pro with storage and CSRNG institutional.

CSRNG Professional – 10.00$ per month

With this UNLIMITED subscription plan, generate up to 1 million random numbers in under 3 seconds with each query. You can also ask for unique numbers in a certain scope, which is perfect for gambling websites, survey companies and statisticians.

CSRNG Pro with storage – 25.00$ per month

All the CSRNG Professional features, plus the possibility to store your random numbers requests for later use. We offer a query API that returns results in the exact format as the random number generator API so you can reuse stored numbers later.

CSRNG Institutional – 7.00$ per month

Exactly the same features as our CSRNG Professional subscription, but for non commercial purposes, like research institutes, government and universities.